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Henry's Story

23rd August 2016 / Wheelchairs

Henry has to cope with the effects of Spastic Dyplegia, cerebral palsy and serious sight impairments. He’s very determined and can manage short distances by using walking canes. 

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Thomas's Story

15th August 2016 / Wheelchairs

12 year old Thomas is a very bright young man who has recently started secondary school. He loves technology and enjoys his Xbox, iPad and playing Minecraft.

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Fountaindale school

Fountaindale School’s Story

25th July 2016 / Grants

Fountaindale is a Special Needs school catering for children with a wide range of conditions including: physical disabilities, complex medical needs, sensory impairment and learning difficulties.​

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Derriford Hospital

Derriford Hospital's Story

23rd May 2016 / Grants

Derriford is the largest hospital in the South West peninsular and a major teaching hospital serving a population of around 450,000 people.

The Activity Centre on Woodcock Ward caters for a wide range of children and young people including some with special, complex or additional needs, some of whom are particularly anxious when spending time in hospital.

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Ben's Story

17th May 2016 / Wheelchairs

Ben is always keen to join in family life. However, quadriplegic cerebral palsy means he is totally dependent on them for all his needs. He has a powered wheelchair which he can control by head movements and while this gives him a level of independence, operating the wheelchair is laborious, slow and very tiring for him.

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