Variety helped fund a car seat for Noah to make him safer. He had outgrown a standard car seat and he would take his arm out of a normal seatbelt. Now I can drive with confidence that he is strapped in safely and we don’t need to stop constantly on a journey.

Tracey, Noah‘s mum

Thank you so much for helping fund the Innowalk for Amelie. Previously she had a static stander, but now she can move her legs which gives Amelie not only great exercise but also meets her sensory needs. Amelie is very pleased with herself when she uses the Innowalk. It gives her a sense of achievement and makes her feel good. It also gives Amelie physical exercise which, when you can’t weight bear, is difficult. It helps Amelie’s hip development too, and hopefully will save her from having an operation and being in casts for weeks. This piece of equipment may give Amelie better health and more happy years, which for a mum is priceless. Thank you for your help, it means the world to us both.

Kayley, Amelie‘s mum

Variety has been instrumental in getting us the equipment we need for Oscar: in particular, wheelchairs that fit him properly and that are best suited to meet his needs. We are hugely grateful to Variety and everyone we dealt with at Variety was extremely kind and supportive.

Hazel, Oscar‘s mum

The process was all straightforward and supportive. I cried on the phone when we were given the good news on the funding!

A huge thank you to Variety for supporting Lenny and us to get the manual wheelchair of his dreams. He wants to use the wheelchair in the Spiderman colours he chose, and it has hugely helped his self-image when it comes to his wheelchair. Thank you!

Kirsty, Lenny‘s mum

When we received a phone call from lovely Audrey, we couldn’t believe our ears. They agreed to help us fund the rest of the amount we needed to purchase our dream wheelchair!

Our lives changed for the better. We love to travel around this beautiful country, and we also travelled abroad through Europe knowing Alex was sitting comfortably in the wheelchair. We can tilt the chair back when he falls asleep, he can play while he sits as he has got the play tray attached, and we can also use the terrain wheels to go through the mud, which is big fun!

Martina, Alex‘s mum

The tennis chair has really helped my confidence when playing and I am really grateful to the person who sponsored me. A big thank you to Variety!


It moves me beyond words that people want to help others with disabilities to live their best lives. It is such an act of kindness to enable parents to give their children decent equipment and positive experiences, and I’ll always be grateful for the help we have received.

Penny, Dan‘s mum

Without Variety, I don’t know where we would be. There is no way that I could have raised enough money myself to fund either of Andrew’s wheelchairs. They’ve made an incredible difference to Andrew in so many ways. He can lift his day chair into his car himself and be fully independent when out and about! His new tennis chair has also made an incredible difference to him, and his ranking improvements are fantastic!

Linda, Andrew‘s mum

It goes without saying how immensely grateful we are to the charity for helping us get this because we really wouldn’t have been able to ourselves. The expenses of raising a disabled child are huge and we have to have many things and make subsequent adaptions to make all elements of our home safe for our child. So the fact that we were able to get this bed and the help we received was incredible really, so we just want to say a massive thank you to anyone that has assisted in us getting it.

Gemma, Lillie‘s mum