Variety, the Children’s Charity, supports children and young people throughout the UK who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged.

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2017 Gold Hearts

Smurfs - Gold Heart 2017

Variety is proud to announce the 2017 Gold Hearts featuring 'Papa Smurf' and 'Smurfette'.

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James' Story

18 year old James has a passion for the great outdoors but life has made it particularly hard for him to indulge that passion. Severe epilepsy (between 10 and 30 seizures per day) has curtailed his development with consequential learning difficulties.

He is dependent on full time care and a wheelchair for mobility.

The NHS wheelchair that James was provided with is fine for the pavement but it just cannot cope with anything that might remotely be described as off-road. So James can only view the great outdoors from afar.

That’s why Variety agreed to provide a more rugged Hippocampe wheelchair that would not only enable James to explore the outdoor places he longed to experience but would last him well into adulthood too.

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Challenge Events 2017

Challenge Events 2017

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