Amelie has severe developmental delay caused by her condition, and attends a special educational needs school. She has a high level of physical and sensory needs, and requires input from a wide range of multi-disciplinary health professionals. Amelie needs one-to-one support at school, and sometimes two-to-one assistance in all that she does.

Amelie’s new Innowalk is a unique motorised training device that allows her to change her postural position by safely and comfortably transitioning from sitting, to standing, to moving. It then allows her to experience assisted, repetitive movement in an upright, weight-bearing position, using a leg pattern which is similar to a normal gait pattern.

Over the long term, the Innowalk will be used alongside Amelie’s other equipment, and will complement her existing postural management programme and physiotherapy goals very well. The Innowalk is a great adjunct to therapy, as well as providing the extra stand-alone benefits of exercise which Amelie would otherwise be unable to achieve. The ongoing health benefits of this are considerable. The Innowalk has helped Amelie maintain her strength during the Covid-related lockdown too.

Mum Kayley told us: “Thank you so much for helping fund the Innowalk for Amelie. Previously she had a static stander, but now she can move her legs which gives Amelie not only great exercise but also meets her sensory needs. Amelie is very pleased with herself when she uses the Innowalk. It gives her a sense of achievement and makes her feel good. It also gives Amelie physical exercise which, when you can’t weight bear, is difficult. It helps Amelie’s hip development too, and hopefully will save her from having an operation and being in casts for weeks. This piece of equipment may give Amelie better health and more happy years, which for a mum is priceless. Thank you for your help, it means the world to us both”.