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Josh's Story

15th October 2015 / Grants

13 year old Josh has global development delay resulting in severe communication difficulties and sensory needs. His ability to understand is far more advanced than his ability to express himself.

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Laburnum Boat Club

Laburnum Boat Club

18th September 2015 / Youth Clubs

A grant from Variety, made via London Youth, enabled Laburnum Boat Club to buy a new fifteen foot Venture Ranger Canadian Canoe.

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Oliver's Story

10th September 2015 / Grants

Three year old Oliver is a happy, active and inquisitive little boy with Downs Syndrome. His problems were compounded when he was also diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. 

The treatment for this condition, which includes chemotherapy, affects his immune system making Oliver much more vulnerable to infection so he is not able to mix with other children until his condition improves.

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Alice's Story

17th August 2015 / Grants

Alice is a 12 year old girl with Niemann-Pick Disease Type C which is a life-limiting and degenerative condition.

She has lost the ability to walk, talk and eat and needs 24 hour care and supervision. Alice enjoys stories, music, art and swimming.

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Luna's Story

28th July 2015 / Wheelchairs

Luna has Four Limb Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy so she has very limited use of her arms and legs. A hearing impairment and development delay, further compound this bright little 6 year old’s problems.

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