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Vinay's Story

22nd March 2016 / Wheelchairs

Cerebral Palsy and Global Development Delay make life very difficult and frustrating for 7 year old Vinay. He needs help with dressing, feeding and toileting. The lack of muscle tone in his legs means he is wheelchair bound and he can only self-propel himself at home in a very limited way. He lacks the strength to fully propel himself.

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Aimee's Story

12th February 2016 / Grants

Ten year old Aimee is a happy little girl who loves her Riding for the Disabled classes,  swimming, the computer and especially playing with her big sister. This is despite a life-limiting neurological condition that means she has no speech, is in nappies and can only be fed by gastrostomy (directly into her stomach).

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Xander's Story

20th January 2016 / Grants

8 year old Xander suffers with autism that severely affects his ability to communicate, interact and learn. He has multiple other health issues, yet he is a big, strong boy.

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Taylor's Story

15th December 2015 / Grants

Even at 5 years old, Taylor is a big, strong boy. Along with Autism and communication problems, Taylor finds it incredibly difficult to manage his sensory difficulties. He has no sense of danger, to himself or others.

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Dylan's Story

28th October 2015 / Wheelchairs

Not being able to walk unaided made it very difficult for Dylan to join in activities, until he discovered wheelchair basketball.

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