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Twins Lucas and Levi who have epilepsy.

Parents Paul and Michael describe how sensory equipment from Variety transformed the lives of their twin boys

4th April 2020 / Grants

Twin brothers Levi and Lucas are 14 years old. They live in South Yorkshire with parents Paul and Michael, who adopted them in 2008 when they two years old. Both Levi and Lucas are on the autistic spectrum and have complex epilepsy, along with learning difficulties.  Their lives are severely affected by all of their conditions combined. Here, in their own words, Paul and Michael describe how sensory equipment, provided by Variety, has transformed the lives of the boys.

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Ezzy and her Variety wheelchair

Ezzy talks about how her Variety wheelchair helps her join in with her siblings and friends

4th March 2020 / Wheelchairs

Ezzy is seven years old and lives in Bristol. She was born three months early, and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which affects her arms and legs. She struggles to walk and can find things a little tough. Her favourite activities are swimming and horse riding and she loves 'The Masked Singer', a British reality television singing competition. Here, in her own words, Ezzy describes the difference a wheelchair funded by Variety has made to her life.

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Hadley wheelchair.

Hadley describes his favourite sports wheelchair, funded by Variety

2nd March 2020 / Wheelchairs

Hadley from Southampton is nine years old and has cerebral palsy. He likes like rugby, football, cricket, and Formula One racing and he plays wheelchair basketball for Hampshire Hornets Wheelchair Basketball Club. Here, in his own words, he shares his reflections on wheelchairs and explains how a sports wheelchair, funded by Variety, has helped him.

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Dante with wheelchair

Variety Young Ambassador Dante shares his experiences of being a wheelchair user

1st March 2020 / Wheelchairs

Dante from Liverpool is 12 years old and has osteogenesis imperfecta, otherwise known as brittle bone disease. He is a Variety Young Ambassador and Pride of Britain 2019 award winner. Here, in his own words, he discusses his experiences of being a wheelchair user and the difference that having a light manual wheelchair, funded by Variety, has made to his life.

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Emily from Hampshire

Emily discusses the difference that a mobile electric hoist has made

29th February 2020 / Wheelchairs

Emily from Hampshire, who is a Variety Young Ambassador, is 13 years old and has spina bifida. Here, in her own words, she discusses how a mobile electric hoist, funded by Variety, helps her transfer smoothly and safely from her wheelchair onto her bed and other places, protecting her parent-carers' backs in the process.

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