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Jaecob's Story

12th January 2015 / Wheelchairs

In many respects, Jaecob is a typical, energetic, happy and outgoing three year old. Except that Jaecob has a spinal cord injury that has left him paraplegic with no sensation or strength in his trunk or legs.


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Sam's Story

11th December 2014 / Wheelchairs

Sam has Cerebral Palsy, a condition which limits his movement, posture and consequently his co-ordination. It means Sam needs help with everyday activities like washing, dressing and just carrying things. He cannot leave the house without full time support.

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Grace’s Story

3rd December 2014 / Grants

Four year old Grace was diagnosed with a high grade brain tumour at birth. Surgery resulted in her suffering hemiplegia which has severely restricted her movement.

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James' Story

6th October 2014 / Grants

Three year old James finds it extremely difficult to move his limbs; a consequence of Cerebral Palsy. Yet  his outgoing nature means he always wants to join in activities with his friends at nursery and his older brothers at home.

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The Dingley Story

The Dingley Story

3rd July 2014 / Grants

Dingley, Family and Specialist Early Years Centres, provide places for children, from birth to age five, who have additional needs and disabilities. Many of the children are not able to access mainstream activities.

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