Maddie has spinafibida, neuropraxia and neuropathic bladder. She requires a wheelchair for all her mobility needs, and she also uses a walking frame and crutches when wheelchair accessibility is not possible. Also, she has prescribed day and nights splints and specialist footwear. She has one hour of physio at school every day, plus home physio programme. She suffers nerve pains requiring regular medication.

And ultra lightweight sports wheelchair in 2019,

Maddie (17) is a passionate basketball player and a full-time student studying Early Years Childcare at College. She was born with the neurological condition Spina Bifida and required the permanent use of a wheelchair. Over the last 4½ years, Maddie has played wheelchair basketball, made excellent progress, and received many awards and accolades. Her latest achievements are Winning Silver with England at the 2021 School Games National Finals and Winning British Wheelchair Basketball’s ‘Female Player of the Year 2019/2020’. Her dream is to become a Senior GB International and Paralympic athlete in the sport she loves. Maddie has recently been selected to play within the Women’s Premier League. This year, she has just been given the most fantastic opportunity to step up into the GB Women’s Senior International and Paralympic Squads. Off the court, Maddie is studying Early Years Childcare at Havant & Southdown’s College intending to have a career alongside basketball. Maddie has now outgrown the Basketball Wheelchair she had funded by Variety back in 2019 2020. This particular chair had adjustability built into it, which meant that as Maddie grew, the chair could be adjusted accordingly, thus maintaining her centre of gravity in the chair. Unfortunately, she has now outgrown this chair and can no longer adjust it any further to keep her centre of gravity, which would affect her going forward. With her International and Paralympic Team GB career about to start within the next month, Madilyn desperately needs a new chair to help her reach that next level and reach her goals. Funded in 2022. Thunder 7000 series basketball wheelcha

from Hampshire