Equipment Grants

We’re here to help improve the care and ease the burden of looking after a child who is seriously ill or disabled.

We really do understand the emotional and financial strain it imposes on parents and carers.


At a glance...

  • In the last three years we have made more than 350 grants to individuals and organisations.

Who qualifies?

Grants are available to individuals as well as organisations.

What we fund?

We aim to provide whatever is needed:

  • It may be medical, such as monitoring equipment.
  • It may be basic care like feeding tubes or hoists.
  • It may be sensory play or mobility equipment for a nursery or playgroup.

Is there a limit?

In principle, no. Typically, a grant can be anywhere between £100 and £6,000. We do our best to handle each application sympathetically and we help whenever we can.

In the last three years we have made more than three hundred grants to individuals and organisations.

How to apply for a grant

Simply download and fill in the relevant application form below, following the guidelines.  If you would like further information before making your application then, contact Julie Thomas, our Grants Programme Manager on 0207 428 8120 or email

Please note:

  • If you are applying for a wheelchair do not complete the grants application form as you need to complete a different application form which is available here.
  • Wheelchair applications made on a Grants application form will be returned to you, and will delay the process.