Wheelchairs help disabled children and young people reach their full potential by providing mobility and independence.

If you’re dependent on someone else, simply to get to school or to go and see your friends, freedom is just a dream.

Variety’s  Wheelchair programme has already made that dream come true for thousands of children and young people.

On average, Variety funds a wheelchair for a child every 6 days!


At a glance...

  • Over 4000 wheelchairs provided to date
  • In 2016, 70 wheelchairs were provided across the UK which means that: On average, Variety funds a wheelchair for a child every 6 days!
  • We provide Manual Wheelchairs, Powered Wheelchairs and Sports Wheelchairs
  • Variety is proud to have helped many of Team ParalympicsGB to qualification and medal success at Rio 2016. Among our athletes were Kare Adenegan and Joy Haizelden

Manual / Powered Wheelchairs

It’s easy to say “everyone we help is special” but it’s true. Their conditions mean that their needs are very different.

That’s why we work closely with medical advisors and wheelchair technicians to ensure that every wheelchair is tailored to provide just what its new owner needs.

Sports  Wheelchairs

Today, disabled British athletes like Jonnie Peacock are household names. They are rewarded with hero status for their achievements at international level - and rightly so.

Those achievements have been an inspiration to many young people. They have seen the dedication and sheer will to win of disabled and wheelchair athletes and have decided “I’m up for it.”

But to compete in wheelchair events such as football or basketball, even at club level, needs specially adapted sports wheelchairs. That’s why we supply them.

Sports wheelchairs enable young disabled athletes to prove to themselves just how far training, skill and determination can take them.

How to apply

Simply contact 020 7428 8110 or email wheelchairs@variety.org.uk