“I live with two dogs called Meg and Buzz, mum, Finley, nanny and grampy.

Finley likes using his Kindle. He has a special seat on the sofa which I can’t sit on, or he’ll shove me off the sofa.

I like Fin, he’s funny and we have fun playing on the PS4 together. Over 50% of the time we like each other.

I have always helped out with Finley’s care. When he’s sick I get the things he needs. I make his breakfast every day, I help him wash and I dress him. I also help him watch TV and use his Kindle and I help him get strapped into his seatbelt.

We do have time to just to play together, though. We like to wrestle and play on the trampoline. I don’t really miss out on doing stuff with my friends because I’m looking after my brother. I do get time to play with them at school, and sometimes they come round.

I sometimes feel as though other people don’t understand what it’s like looking after my brother, though.

If I were in charge, I would help young carers by giving them trips away, days out and cinema trips.”