Watching your child desperately struggle to take their first step or say their very first word, as they put every ounce of energy into what should be one of the most natural things in the world, can be utterly heartbreaking.

It can stop you in your tracks, drain you of every tear you have and leave you feeling completely helpless.

As you encourage them hour after hour to put one foot in front of another, tenderly lift their arms up for a cuddle or simply say ‘I love you’ can leave you emotionally exhausted. But only Mums would know, you never give in, you never stop, you continually encourage your little one to reach their full potential.

And when they achieve their goal, no matter how big or small, it is simply the best feeling in the world. It can leave you completely speechless as you struggle to find the words to say how amazed and proud you are of your child.

Andreina, mum of eight-year-old Luna, who also has quadriplegia cerebral palsy, agrees there is nothing greater job in life than being a Mum.

Luna’s life was automatically enhanced after Variety donated a bespoke wheelchair, giving her a new found independence and ability to join in activities with her family and peers.

Andreina said:

“There is nothing better than watching your children laugh and play – it brings untold amounts of pleasure. To me every day is Mother’s Day. Your children are the greatest gift.”

In a special one-off case, with the help of an anonymous benefactor, we paid for four-year-old Louie to have selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery in America, to enable him to take his first steps.

“Louie calls me a ‘Princess’ – there is no greater reward as a Mum, knowing your children love you as much as you love them. We can’t thank Variety enough. Louie’s life has been changed overnight. As well as his mobility improving, he can now give me the biggest hug every single day. He calls it a big squeeze, and when he totters towards me with his arms wide open, my heart literally melts. There is no better feeling than getting a hug from one of your children.”

And Suzanne, whose daughter Savannah, who also suffers with the same condition as Luna and Louie, says the smile her daughter gives her every single day brings absolute joy to her life.

Variety provided Savannah, 4, with a Mollii suit to help relieve the agonising tension in her arms and legs and to improve her core strength.

Suzanne said:

“Every minute of every day is joyful. It’s about the time you spend with your child – being together is what’s important. Savannah can’t talk but shows me how happy she is in so many other ways. Every morning when I wake her up and every night when I put her to bed, she throws me the biggest smile and her eyes light up. I have learnt so much from being a Mum – your children simply enhance your life and make it better.”

Variety, the Children’s Charity have been helping disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK for the last 68 years. We aim to bring smiles to the faces of thousands of children improving their lives and making every day, a better day for them and their families.

As a Mum, you know the only thing that is important in life is ensuring your child is happy and seeing that smile which instantly melts your heart and reassures you that today is going to be a good day.

So this weekend, we are calling all you hardworking and committed Mums to spread the word that we are here with a lending hand. If you need our help or if you know of a child on your street, a youngster at school or a relative that needs some help, whether it be providing a wheelchair or a specialist piece of equipment for a child, please tell them about Variety.