Congratulations to Pat Furzer, a dedicated member of our Variety at Work committee, whom was awarded a Presidential Citatation by Variety International at our 2012 World Conference in Dublin.

Pat has been a part of Variety Great Britain for the past ten years and is a valued member of the Variety at Work committee, rarely missing a meeting and always ready to roll up her sleeves with enthusiasm to give up her time to help children enjoy a better life.

Pat gets involved with everything from being on hand as a volunteer at any one of Variety’s events to acting as aVariety liaison officer for 60 schools, regularly visiting them to offer any assistance they need.

Pat is a Sky-Fly Escort for British Airways, looking after the numerous needs of unaccompanied minors. It’s a good connection as she often persuades the international airline to donate items for auction prizes or goody bags for children – thank you British Airways for all of your support!

As an active fundraiser for Variety selling Gold Hearts and promoting the charity at community days alongside her husband, Tony, she has raised enough money to fund a Sunshine Coach sponsored by British Airways. A fantastic achievement and we thank the couple for their dedication!

Pat has attended the past six Annual Variety International Conferences and has been a member of the ‘We Feed The Kids Lunch’ Committee for the past two years. Tony and Pat enjoy taking their vacations in Barbados, but rather than having a well-deserved rest, the couple like to get involved with Variety Barbados and often attend children’s parties and visiting hospitals.

Pat has a simple motto that sums up her involvement with Variety:

“A smile on a child’s face puts a smile on mine.”