There’s a reason why most little girls are ‘the apple of their Daddy’s eye’ and boys are their ‘brave little soldiers’. Whether it’s their first waking smile or the explosion of giggles as you tease them with a tickle, it completely captivates you.

But when you’re a Dad of a disabled child, the ongoing and determined commitment to help your child reach their next momentous milestone, is one you never question.

So this Father’s Day, we want to celebrate all those hard working Dads who are always there and never once falter. Their role and love is unbreakable and no matter how hard the challenge is, they are there every day with a steadfast determination which they refuse to surrender.

One such dedicated father, is Renato, whose five-year-old daughter, Savannah, was born 10 weeks early with life threatening complications. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy that has left her unable to walk or talk and struggles with pain due to the tightness in her muscles.

But as Renato proudly states, Savannah is still the reason he gets up every day.

Renato said:

“Savannah gives me a purpose in life and makes me the person I am. My little girl makes my life complete. She battles every single day but doesn’t complain or moan, she just carries on and fights her condition to the best of her ability.

And despite everything Savannah struggles with, she never fails to throw you the biggest smile. She is the happiest little girl and her contagious smile never leaves her. So her attitude to life gives me the inspiration to keep going.

There is nothing better than waking her up of a morning and being greeted by her radiant smile, or laying down on the bed with Savannah and making her giggle as I tickle her. Those moments are incredibly precious. You can’t put a price on them – just like you can’t put a price on being a Dad. It is the best gift and brings you the most joy.

It’s the simplest things that make our time together so special. I take Savannah swimming twice a week and while we are in the pool her body can completely relax and she is free from pain. She absolutely loves it. And seeing how happy it makes her is just amazing.

As a Dad, all you want is to see your child happy and I strive every day to make that happen. I take nothing for granted but work tirelessly to help Savannah. My biggest dreamn is to hear her talk and walk and I won’t stop until I have tried everything I can to make that happen.”

Variety provided Savannah with a Molli suit to help release the tension in her muscles. And each day Savannah is getting a little stronger.

Variety is here to help any disabled or disadvantaged child who needs specialist equipment or support. We are calling on all Dads to spread the word that we are here with a lending hand. If there is a child on your street, a youngster at school or a relative that needs some help, please tell them about Variety.