Dan, Amber, Daz, Ali, Anthony, Mark, Spud, Phil, Paula, Kate, Ed, Rhys, Max, Stefan, James, Anand, Richard, Edi, Ralph, and Ryan ran the 26.2 miles on behalf of Team Variety.

Ali dressed up for the occasion

Our cheer point at mile 14, saw our amazing runners cheered on by Variety staff, friends and family, we loved seeing them and our sparkly red pom poms were waved with lots of enthusiasm!

Spud, Anthony, Mark, and Daz were part of a team running Daz’s seventh London Marathon for Variety

Daz, who ran his seventh London Marathon on behalf of Variety, said:

My team of runners, our friends and family are extremely happy to support Variety and help them carry out the wonderful work they do with disabled and disadvantaged children in the UK. We can’t wait to see the difference all our efforts have made.

Stefan’s family cheered on our runners from the Variety cheer point

Stefan, who ran to celebrate his 60th birthday, said:

I always think to myself, ‘How can I fundraise? How can I help the cause?’ And obviously giving money is one thing but I wanted to do more by raising awareness for the charity and spreading their message. That’s why I decided on the London Marathon because I thought, ‘What can I do to take it that stage further?’

I think everyone truly does genuinely want to help and I think there comes a point in your life when you can lose track of things. To have something to focus on and to get back to some reality is nice, so training and running the marathon with that goal in mind has been great.

Anand kept his smile all the way round!

Variety Challenge Event and Partnerships Lead, Sarah Phillips, said:

I am so proud of all our London Marathon runners! All your hard work and dedication has absolutely paid off and everyone at Variety cannot thank you enough.
I am so proud of all of our London Marathon team! All the hard work and dedication to training over the winter paid off, and we can’t thank you all enough!

It’s been an absolute privilege to support our incredible team of runners this year and to see them all as they passed our cheer point was fantastic. Taking on a marathon is a huge achievement and they all deserve that medal, our heartfelt thanks, and a well deserved rest!