Georgina Bullen is 17 years old and a member of the Team GB Goalball squad at the London 2012 Paralympics. Find out more about this young sports star and what motivates her to achieve.

Who / what inspire you take up your sport?
I discovered Goalball at a Paralympic Talent ID day. I wans’t inspired until I went to my first tournament, because up until then I hand’t seen a real game. Previously it just felt like I was being battered and bruised, and not improving very much, but at that first tournament I was inspired and wanted to become the best I could be.

When did you realise that your disability wasn’t a barrier?
It was a barrier at school. I loved sport but however much I tried, others would always overtake me, but in Goalball, disability isn’t a barrier. It can be played fully-sighted and visually impaired at the same level. My disability will always be a barrier, but I’ve found and am still finding, ways around it.

What keeps you motivated?
The thought that I can only get better and improve through sheer hard work. Also the competitiveness in me doesn’t want to let any of my current or future teammates overtake me.

How has sport made a difference to your life?
Sport has taught me to have a huge amount of self-discpline as well as teaching me how to channel my energy into something productive and rewarding.

What would you say to inspire other young people who face barriers to take on sport?
When you find the right sport, your barriers are no longer an issue. You can become an athlete in your own right and take it as far as you want. You never know what you could be talented at and you won’t find out unless you take every opportunity to challenge yourself.

What are your long-term aspirations?
I want my team not only to reach top four in the Paralympics this year, but I want to be part of a team playing at the 2016 Paralympics. I want to continue training until I reach my full potential and eventually compete at a world class level.

How would you describe ‘success’?
When you say that you are honestly proud of your achievements.