The day out was a big success with the group, all young carers and pupils, aged eight to ten, from the school’s Nurture Group.

The children enjoyed learning more about about evolution, animal bones, camouflage, and how creatures live in tropical and desert climates, during fascinating educational talks and activities.

Other highlights included discovering some extraordinary facts about giraffes, spotting a rather shy sloth, examining an enormous hippopotamus skull, seeing a wallaby with a joey in its pouch and observing a pair of powerful tigers.

Walking around the parkland, the children discovered all manner of creatures, and explored exciting snake exhibits and exotic birds in the Tropical House.

Once again, a fabulous day out. The education hubs were so interesting and I now know that a giraffe has two legs and not four! The children have walked miles and seen so much.

We consider ourselves to be very fortunate indeed to be able to take our children out thanks to Variety. They will take away some wonderful memories from their day and also some interesting animal facts from the workshops.

A heartfelt thank you to you Frances and to Judy, Jenny, Hattie and Andy who spent the day with us.

Julia Winston, SENDco at Bethany (who led the day)

Thank you Shan and the BC Club for funding this wonderful trip to Marwell with very special and excited children from Bethany School in Boscombe. Without your incredible generosity these children would not have the opportunity for a day out like this. Thank you also to Andy and Laguna coaches for always ensuring that our days out are flexible, safe and on time. Thank you to my committee members Judy and Jenny for overseeing the day and Hattie for her wonderful photos.

Frances Cornelius, Chair of Variety Wessex