The Variety Trustees are led by the ‘Chief Barker’. The term ‘Chief Barker’ reflects the circus element of the charity's showbusiness roots.



Chief Barker 
Tushar Prabhu (Chair of the Board)

Malcolm Brenner, Anthony Harris, Jason Lewis, Tushar Prabhu, Ronnie Nathan, Stanley Salter, Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE, Pamela Sinclair, Neil Sinclair, Dilly Kitchlew-Williamson, Tesula Mohindra, Guy Remond

Advisory Board

This comprises past Chief Barkers, past International Presidents and other past members of our Trustees who have given an outstanding contribution to Variety. The Advisory Board’s members attend some of the Crew meetings and meet separately throughout the year.  The Advisory Board’s main role is to ensure that there is succession planning for future Trustees and Chief Barkers.

Financial Governance Principle

The aim of everyone involved in Variety is to enable the charity to support as many children and young people as possible. To do this, we have to achieve significant and continuous financial support. But we will never accept funding from a source or activity that is illegal, where the relationship would be counter-productive to the work of Variety, the Children's Charity or, where it is in direct conflict with our aims of improving the lives of children and young people every day and/or where it could impact negatively on their welfare.

More Information

For more information, please contact Variety Head Office on 020 7428 8100 or email

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