Youth Clubs Grants

Youth clubs perform a vital role.

They provide opportunities for improving social skills, team spirit and self esteem.

Youth Clubs

At a glance...

  • Grants for youth club equipment

It’s all too easy for young people to drift into a downward spiral of anti-social behaviour through a combination of boredom, peer pressure and a lack of alternatives.

In a deprived inner city environment, it can sometimes seem the only option.

So, having somewhere to hang out with friends is vital. Taking part in challenging activities often provides life-changing experiences.

What we fund

We fund equipment for youth organisations which are affiliated to either AmbitionUK Youth or Association of Boys and Girls Clubs.

How it works

We start with a simple principle.

We expect the youth club to help raise some of the funds. This is to show its members’ commitment and to increase their sense of ownership.

Then we fund the balance.

How to apply for a grant

Simply contact Jean Lowers on 0207 428 8133 or email her at