Variety Children's Hospital

Our flagship children’s hospital is located within King’s College Hospital in South London.

Children and young people are treated here every year, many for critical and chronic diseases. Their treatment often requires multiple hospital admissions or long stays.

Variety Childrens Hospital

Children from all over the UK are treated here as well as children from other countries who need the specialist medical treatment that the Variety Children’s Hospital provides.

Variety is proud to have been a pioneer of this outstanding specialist children’s hospital. We continue to support the further expansion of its facilities and capacity.  

The specialist medical teams here are world class. That is why the Variety Children’s Hospital enjoys an international reputation for its expertise in such areas as children’s neurosurgery, liver transplant and the treatment of Sickle Cell Disease and Cystic Fibrosis.

Because of the acute and chronic medical conditions treated here, multiple or protracted hospital stays are not uncommon, some running into many months. The young patients have to cope with the debilitating nature of their illness, the often complex medical interventions that form part of their treatment and the sheer boredom of long periods in hospital. This can be very challenging for both patients and parents. That’s why Variety helps to improve the environment for children and young people in ways that alleviate some of the stress and boredom. We know from the medical teams that non-medical interventions, such as these, can help speed the recovery process.