Sophie’s story

“Hi, I’m Sophie, I’m 10-years-old and I live in Lancashire with my twin sister Ellie, brother Finley, a dog, a fish and Mum and Dad.

My brother Finley giggles a lot. I have helped with his care most of my life and we have started to help him walk down the stairs. I help him get dressed in the morning and run a bath for him.

I play with Finley quite a lot of the time. Sometimes I play online with my friends or ring them too. I don’t really miss out on doing stuff with my friends, unless Finley is having a bad day. Sometimes I feel like people might think Finley would be an annoying brother, but he isn’t.

If I was in charge, I would make sure young carers know what to do and have a backpack with everything they need.

When I’m older I would like to carry on Starkidworks or be a vet to help poor animals.”

Ellie’s story

“I’m Ellie, I’m a twin sister and I have a disabled brother. Finley can be annoying when it comes to pulling hair!

Most of the time I help Finley, but I think sometimes I am annoying to my parents when I don’t, but they say I am really helpful.

The sort of things I do to help Finley are sometimes I start running a bath because he loves baths and I help get him ready and get his medicine. I play with Finley too, I read stories to him like, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’

Sometimes I play online with my friends, but I don’t get to go round their house. I don’t really feel like I miss out on doing stuff with my friends because I’m looking after my brother, but the time depends on Finley.

Sometimes people think Finley doesn’t have disabilities because they are not visible. Now he uses a wheelchair so it’s more obvious.

If I was in charge, I would help young carers by trying to make it more noticeable that they are caring for someone, like a membership of a special group.

When I’m older I want to help disabled children and go to space or be a scientist!”