He attends a mainstream school and enjoys wheelchair basketball and is part of a team called Surrey Knights. He enjoys cooking and inventing things. He also loves playing Play-Station games with his friends and family, whom he is very close to.

When Shaye became dependent on a wheelchair, he accepted this challenge and tried to remain upbeat and positive but his new situation did get him down. Especially as the wheelchair he was using only gave him limited mobility.

His new chair allows him to take part in family life much more, sharing space at the family table for meals is easy now and he can maneuver to be right in the thick of the action. Shaye can be much more equal in height and mobility with his friends and is able to take part in more lessons at school. The new chair helps him keep fit too!

Shaye Said:

“I am so exhilarated by my super-duper state of the art wheelchair. When I went to school all of my friends were amazed. It has already begun to change my life. I ‘m getting a really good stretch on my legs and I can help my mum get the high things on the shelved when we go shopping. So thank you very much for my awesome Ferrari red wheel-chair.”

The whole family is affected by Shaye’s new chair and could see the instant effect he has had on him.

“The excitement on his face when he first received the chair was really priceless, and the confidence he has at school, and in social settings, has already bloomed over night now he has his new chair.”