Despite these difficulties, Sam is an enthusiastic sportsman. His chosen activity is the Paralympic sport of Boccia. He has represented his country and came second in National Finals. He also has an ambition is to go to university.

A wheelchair is essential for Sam’s independence but he had outgrown his previous one. Joining in with family and friends is really important to him and life at university will be so much better if he has independence and mobility. It will give him the confidence to join in with his peers.

That’s why Variety has helped to provide Sam with the wheelchair he desperately needs.

Sam says:

“The new chair is fantastic! I now feel more comfortable going out with my friends and I can get around much more freely on my own now. It’s a great feeling to have people comment on how grown-up it makes me look and how confident it makes me. Thank you Variety for your support and for allowing me this freedom”