Liam also has a learning difficulty and some anxieties in new situations, but he is a very personable young man and has had a great interest in playing basketball for some years.

Liam plays basketball for the Hampshire Harriers and each Sunday his father takes him to the Hampshire Harriers training session.

The sport benefits Liam by improving and maintaining the strength of his upper limbs and trunk and increasing his flexibility. In order for Liam to realise his potential fully, he needed a higher specification basketball wheelchair from than the one he borrows from Hampshire Harriers Club.

Variety provided Liam with a new Quattro Ti TQ Basketball Wheelchair to encourage him to realise his potential and his ambitions. Liam is thrilled with his new wheelchair and enjoys racing around the basketball court in it.

Coach Terry Marsh, who founded the Hampshire Harries more than 30 years ago, said:

“The Club wheelchairs that Liam used until now are up to 20 years old, so this new one is like upgrading from a Mini to a Porsche!”