Prior to this, he attended a mainstream school where he was a popular and academic student. He continues to be highly motivated and academically able, now attending the Victorian Education & Sports College. Here they help him with his disabilities and enable him to pursue his education.

Jagdev has faced his challenges with enormous fortitude and optimism; he enjoys being in the limelight and would love to share his experiences with others, helping them to see there is life after an injury such as his.

Jagdev’s Class Tutor said:

“Jagdev has a fabulous sense of humour and has integrated well with staff and students throughout the school. He is a conscientious, motivated and articulate student who is keen to achieve to the best of his abilities”

How Variety have helped
Jagdev already had a powered wheelchair but it required the assistance of two carers to get him upright for transfers (i.e. from bed to chair or standing practice).

Variety provided Jagdev with a Levo chair which is engineered to go from a sitting to standing position. This allows him his independence and promotes sit-to-stand movement. This type of chair also improves bone density, medical well-being, has positive muscle and neural effects, and allows mobilisation of his joints.

Provision of such a chair was beyond the local authority but it was something Variety was able to do. Brilliantly, Odeon Cinemas donated the funds to allow Variety to fully support Jag Dev’s application.

Jagdev is an impressive young man, who firmly believes that with the right support and equipment, such as this, he will be able to walk again one day.

At Variety, we knew we had to provide that support and help him on his way.

A poem written by Jagdev

My name is Jagdev Singh
If I could, I would change everything.

It all started at Bellemoor School
When life became cruel
Bombs going off in my head
A feeling I remember and dread.

I was picked up by St John
And his paramedics didn’t turn the sirens on.

When I was eleven years and ten months, my life turned on its head
When I was eleven years and ten months, I lost my street cred
When I was eleven years and ten months, I had a brain injury
When I was eleven years and ten months, I gained a disability.

I could not walk
I could not talk
I could not eat
I could not drink
Fortunately though, I could still think

Six years down the line, I am recovering.
And even though I see life through a solar eclipse, I still have a vision.
My name is Jagdev Singh
And I am changing everything.