Unfortunately for the family, Gergo’s mother, Renata, was also diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2018. Both Gergo and Renata need help in their everyday life and Gergo’s father, Zoltan, had to give up work to take care of them when Gergo was in hospital.

When Gergo was first diagnosed two years ago, his family were told he had a 10% chance of survival. Now, after 7 surgeries, 30 rounds of radiation treatment, and 8 months of chemotherapy, Gergo’s chance of survival is up to 90%.

Zoltan said:

It was an indescribable pain when we found out that Gergo was sick. We didn’t understand anything and we were uncertain about everything, and so were the doctors. We just asked why? Why?

Then after the examination of the tumour, the doctor came with good news and told us that the chance of getting through this is 90%!

Every day, day after day, the miracle shone again and again, and Gergo showed that you have to believe and trust that there are miracles. Doctors also consider it a small miracle! He is our little miracle! All our respect to the doctors and nurses in this critical 6 months!

Gergo uses a wheelchair for mobility but couldn’t use his manual chair outdoors as he wasn’t strong enough. He had to rely on his family to get him around.

Thankfully, Variety managed to fund a powered wheelchair for Gergo, giving him more independence at school and in his local community. He can now go outside without assistance.

Zoltan said:

Since Gergo got the chair, his life has changed. Gergo likes the chair and it is very comfy for him. He can go out a lot more as well.

Gergo is very happy with his chair, and we are happy as well because Gergo is happy.

We are grateful to Variety because they did everything they could to help us.