“I live with Mum, Dad, a snake, and a dog. I adore cricket, wheelchair basketball, and martial arts.

I got my wheelchair through RGK wheelchairs. It’s pink and black and I call it the ‘Turbochaser’. Although my chair is fabulous, Mum and Dad have trouble getting me in and out because they’re old now! So, Variety provided us with a mobile electric hoist. Now I can be lifted from the Turbochaser onto my bed, floor or sofa without Dad moaning about his really, really old back. Its silver, it has wheels and it’s awesome.

The only times I don’t use my wheelchair is when I’m on my bed, having physiotherapy or wrestling with Dad on the lounge floor. Apart from that, I always sit in. It’s a great gaming chair as it has a drinks holder on the back.

Wheelchairs are essential. Why? Well, otherwise I would be stuck in one place and that wouldn’t be fair. Everyone else can get around, so why not disabled people?

I think if I could go anywhere in my wheelchair, it wouldn’t be on earth. I’d go to Saturn and ride around and around on the rings, watching the stars.

Although I love my chair, I dream of having a black and green one that flies. It would also have anti-touching devices on it to prevent strangers from touching it without asking.

People get a lot of things wrong about wheelchair users like me. People think that the wheelchair is part of you, so they can just touch it without permission. This makes me annoyed and anxious.

I have a plan. In order to make everywhere accessible for wheelchairs, I would demolish all the buildings everywhere and build them all again in a way that’s completely accessible.”