Ellie is an incredibly determined young lady who likes to take part in everything. She loves swimming (using armbands) and has weekly singing lessons and recently sang in a concert.

Variety provided Ellie with a self-propelled wheelchair. This has improved her independence and self-confidence and was easy for her to manoeuvre. She has recently started school and now can move herself around and join in with classroom and playtime activities alongside the other children.

Ellie’s Mum said:

“The wheelchair allows Ellie to take part in activities that would otherwise pose a problem for her. She is very vulnerable to being knocked over, so in busy places with lots of people she is at risk. She recently used the wheelchair to attend an exciting Rainbows event ‘World Thinking Day’. Ellie’s upper arm strength has deteriorated in the last few months and we are pleased she is using the wheelchair independently and propelling herself because it helps her maintain her arm strength.”