Chest infections are now a serious threat to her life. That’s why Variety, supported by Crest Nicholson South, provided a specialist inflatable vest. Tubes connect the vest to an air-pulse generator that rapidly inflates and contracts the vest helping to move mucus along Alice’s airway so that it can be expelled.

Her mum and the Paediatric Physiotherapist have seen the difference that the vest makes from just a daily use of ten to fifteen minutes.

This equipment enables Alice to watch TV and listen to music and stories whilst having her therapy.

Alice’s mum says:

“We are sure Alice finds the vest more acceptable than the chest physiotherapy that had to be done manually by a caregiver. The vest has improved her quality of life and helped keep her free from chest infections or greatly reduce their severity, which means she spends less time in hospital. We are extremely grateful to Variety and the generous sponsors who helped fund this equipment. It has made such a difference.”