A Paintballing Session was held by Ricci Cobelli and Simon Barnett for our boys at Victoria Education Centre with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Paintballing was one of the items on their wish list given to Variety, the Children’s Charity earlier in the year.

The day began with the boys taking turns in firing at a large target similar to a dartboard about twenty feet away. Scores were kept and ‘Tom’ was the receiver of the special Variety cup donated by President of Bournemouth Chamber, Nigel Hedges, for a score of 121.

The boys were then able to fire at human targets, James Cornelius, Ricci Cobelli and Simon Barnett who wore a rather ‘unglamorous’ costume. Luckily they all managed to escape with less bruises than the last event.

The boys all had a fabulous time and were looking forward to the next event.

Big thanks to Simon, Ricci and James