Twenty-four young carers and nurture group children had a wonderful day at Longdown Activity Farm near Lyndhurst, Hampshire. The children, from Bethany School in Boscombe, Bournemouth, were able to bottle-feed calves and kids, collect big duck eggs and hold chicks during a full day visit. They were shown round by Farmer Amy and their day was arranged by Variety Wessex and funded by BC Club of Bournemouth.

The children had to hold onto bottles very tightly as they fed hungry calves milk. Later they enjoyed a bumpy tractor ride around the meadow in a trailer. They also stroked guinea pig pups, met Pearl the carthorse and fed goats. The sun even shone!

After a picnic lunch everyone had fun in the play area where the trampoline was particularly popular. They cooled down with ice-lollies before climbing onto the Laguna coach for the journey home.

Julia Winston from Bethany Junior School said:
“The children from Bethany Junior School have had a day full of awe and wonder at the farm. I can’t thank you enough for filling the children’s lives with such wonderful experiences that they will store as beautiful memories to draw upon when things get tough. Many of them use their outings as their special places to go to when they need to visualise happiness and peace. This cannot be underestimated these days!”

Frances Cornelius, chair of Variety Wessex said:
“Thank you again for such an exciting day to BC Club, Andy and Laguna coaches, Longdown Activity Farm and Hattie our photographer.”

Bethany School Children feed the goats and meet the ducklings at Longdown Farm