Thanks to the generosity of The Elizabeth and Prince Zaiger Trust, the children and staff of Beaumont Hill Academy in Darlington now have a brand new Variety Sunshine Coach. This is the 17th Variety Sunshine Coach to be funded by The trust.

Clare Devine, Principal of Beaumont Hill Academy commented:

“Beaumont Hill Academy is a school for children aged between 2 – 19 and all pupils in our school have special educational needs. Some children have mobility issues, some children have autism, some children have social and emotional needs and others have learning difficulties. However, they all need a curriculum which combines academic work and an enrichment curriculum.

Enabling children to experience the community, attend Forest school, have residential opportunities is only possible with a coach. This is why we are delighted to receive a Sunshine Coach from Variety, the Children’s Charity. The difference this will make to the education of our children is huge and their whole experience of school life will be significantly enriched.

Thank you Variety, the Children’s Charity for improving the opportunities for all of the children in Beaumont Hill.”

Trustee of The Elizabeth and Prince Zaiger Trust, Mr John davidge said:

The Elizabeth and Prince Zaiger Trust tries to contribute to a Variety Sunshine Coach every year. We are delighted therefore to assist with the purchase of this new coach for Beaumont Hill School.”