In 1999 Ross was diagnosed with Langerhams Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) a rare disease that acts like cancer and causes lesions anywhere in the body. LCH was active in Ross’s body until 2005 after 3 courses of chemotherapy; he is now suffering from the late effects of LCH.

He also suffers from:

Panhypopitularism – because Ross’s pituitary gland was damaged and he does not produce hormones naturally and takes regular medication as a result.

Cerebella Ataxia – which affects Ross’s balance, co-ordination, speech and motor skills.

Epilepsy – as a result of the LCH, he has night terrors but is unaware of anything he does.

Variety Scotland, helped to fund his wheelchair, which now enables him to take part in school activities.

As a thank you to Variety Scotland, Mum Linda & Dad Ronnie had organised a small netball tournament on 23rd February at Clydebank High School which raised over £400