The Music Man Project is a groundbreaking music education charity for people with disabilities. Noah sings with the group and has performed with them onstage at the London Palladium twice and the Royal Albert Hall Twice. He holds a world record with the group for the most triangles played at once for seven minutes.

Noah was brought onstage as a guest of the Music Man Project. Photo: @hugsfornoah

The latest Music Man Project performance at the Royal Albert Hall featured musical theatre legend and multi-platinum recording artist, Michael Ball and The Band of His Majesty’s Royal Marines, both of whom Noah got to meet.

Noah had the chance to meet Michael Ball. Photo: Nick Bamber Photography

Noah was born with 2% of his brain, giving doctors little hope for his future. However, by the age of three, he had defied the odds and his brain had grown to 80%. He also has Spina Bifida, meaning his spine is split, which has resulted in hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain). Noah is a full-time wheelchair user and his life’s goal is to learn to run, and then walk.

Noah and his mum, Shelly, are keen disability advocates. They have told Noah’s story to news channels around the world and they visit schools to teach children about disabilities and wheelchair safety.

There was a real celebration onstage with the Music Man Project students. Photo: Paul Fox, Events Capture Photography

Upon arrival at the Royal Albert Hall, Noah was greeted with open arms by friends, Music Man Project ambassadors, and fans who admire the young boy’s work for the disabled community. He was introduced to the stage as a guest alongside Shelly as a longstanding patron of The Music Man Project. Among rapturous applause from an audience of 5,000 people, Noah was presented with an award for ten years as a Music Man Project patron.

Shelly said:

After Noah had finished, there was an interval, and he stayed on stage, and he was just surrounded by Music Man students, just all coming to say hello to him and doing high fives and giving him hugs and chatting with him. We couldn’t get off the stage because everyone was making a fuss of Noah!

As well as being a patron of The Music Man Project, Noah is a proud ambassador for Variety, the Children’s Charity, who funded a lightweight wheelchair to help him move independently, gain confidence, and build his muscles.

Noah got to meet the Bands of HM Royal Marines. Photo: ©️Crown Copyright Musician Carl

Speaking about their lives as disability advocates, Shelly told Variety:

It’s amazing because we get lots of people contacting us through his story and wanting to know if there’s anything they can do to help their child. We just help them as much as we can, and we become friends and it’s forever. It’s lovely – it really is lovely.

Reflecting on the charity’s support, Shelly said:

Everyone always asks where he gets his cool wheelchair from and we say Variety! When we’re going places and things like that, we couldn’t get to those places if it wasn’t for the charity. It’s amazing, and it’s obviously amazing to be on the stage in it as well!

The Music Man Project is now fundraising to take their incredible performance to Broadway following their Royal Albert Hall success.

Noah was popular with The Music Man Project students. Photo: @hugsfornoah