Bleasdale School caters to pupils aged 2-19 years with profound and multiple learning difficulties. Daz is the founder of Daz’s Rock 4 Charity, which hosts live music events to fundraise for charity. So far, Daz has raised over £1.2million for various charities, including Variety, the Children’s Charity.

Daz decided to raise funds for a Variety Sunshine Coach when his mother, Mary ‘Nannie’ Sims, sadly passed away last year. Bleasdale School’s new coach was presented in memory of Nannie.

Daz attended the presentation, relishing the opportunity to meet staff and students of the school. He treated everyone to a mini disco, which delighted the children so much, they wouldn’t let him leave!

Daz was delighted to meet staff and students at Bleasdale School

Daz said:

It was an absolute honour and privilege to present the wonderful Bleasdale School with their new Sunshine Coach! This was provided through the hard work and dedication of the Daz’s Rock 4 Charity helpers and supporters and in memory of my dear late mum, Mary ‘Nannie’ Sims. It was magical to see the joy on the children’s faces when they saw their new Sunshine Coach. It was a pleasure to meet the lovely staff, teaching assistants, families, and the children. We had the best day!

Sefton Booth, Headteacher at Bleasdale School said:

It’s such a privilege to receive the bus after all of the hard work fundraising Daz and Variety have done for us. At the moment the sun is shining on Bleasdale school with an OUSTANDING OFSTED judgement, Rebound centre of excellence, printed in SEN magazine, top fund raiser for Race for life and now a brand new bus!