After only a month with his new state-of-the-art projector, Jake’s life has transformed. Due to his Autism, he would rarely leave the house and would have frequent meltdowns. Jake often isolated himself from his family and had never played with his younger brother, Alex (7).

Now, with a Budii interactive projector, Jake is spending more time with his family, has a way to calm down and regulate his emotions when he has sensory overload, and he is playing with his brother for the first time.

Jake’s story is making waves and his family are keen to show what a difference the right equipment can make to a child with special educational needs.

Jake’s mum, Nikki, told ITV Meridian:

He’s like a different child. He can’t wait to show off the projector to people.

He’s not isolating upstairs. We’re a family, we can now go out the house and when we come back home, if Jake has a bit of sensory overload we have something to help regulate him.

The meltdowns are less. The speech is coming on. Alex and Jake can now actually be brothers and play together, which is so emotional.