In keeping with a long established Variety tradition, Trevor Green, the Chief Barker for this year, hosted a reception to celebrate the work of trustees, staff, volunteers, corporate partners and guests at BAFTA in London’s Piccadilly.

In an inventive speech by his close friend and BAFTA board member, Nik Powell, most of the films Trevor has distributed, over his long career in that part of the film industry, were recalled.

During the evening, star soul singer, Heather Small, who was making a guest appearance, was welcomed on stage to be presented with a certificate enrolling her as a Variety Ambassador.

Malcolm Brenner, Trevor Green, Heather Small and Caroline Monk

(Left) Karen Hauer and Kevin Clifton – (Right) Matt Evers and Anna Williamson

Alan Fraser, Regional Co-Chair, Scotland, Mike Haszko, Head of Corporate Fundraising and Bruce Welch, Bruce is best known as one of The Shadows, formerly Cliff Richard’s backing group and wrote several number 1 hit singles for them, including “Foot Tapper” and “Summer Holiday”.

Maggie and Tony Hatch