This past Saturday over 700 children from London and the South East took to sunshine coaches, busses, cars, and public transport and descended on the seaside town Littlehampton. Children had come from far and wide to enjoy a Great Day Out at Harbour Park Amusements! Thanks to the outstanding generosity of the Smart family Varity supported children were able to enjoy fantastic rides such as dodgems, ocean rollercoaster, the dolphin leap, whirlpool waltzer, castle slide, trampolines and the water chute; all for FREE!!

A huge thank you to all the team at Harbour Park for making the event so special. Without the amazing support from partners such as Harbour Park we would not be able to offer these brilliant children such a Great Day Out.

Do you have a venue/experience/attraction that could offer disabled and disadvantaged children a Great Day Out? If yes, please get in touch on 020 7428 8100 or