With singing, dancing, lessons on different countries, and the chance to try new foods, the children had a fantastic day experiencing different cultures.

After receiving Variety Sunshine Coaches, Delamere were delighted to make our 75th Anniversary part of their celebrations. With Variety tablecloths, banners, balloons, and bunting, the school really embraced the Variety spirit. The school council also received a special pack of wristbands, reflective keyrings, and stickers from Variety as thanks for organising such an incredible event.

A representative from Delamere School said:

Delamere School and Variety, the Children’s Charity joined up to celebrate their 75th celebrations and cultural diversity day. Lots of amazing activities were held during the day to celebrate. Classes looked at the different variety of cultures within their class and found different ways in which they could celebrate these. Parents were invited in to share important aspects of their culture, allowing the children to experience these in a hands-on way. Lots of different foods were tasted, children were able to look at and try on different outfits, they listened to and danced to music that is important to the different cultures, they looked at different flags as well as many more exciting activities. The children then went outside for a picnic at lunch to celebrate this wonderful day with their peers. One of the children quoted ‘I loved today. It was nice to celebrate everyone and particularly learn about different sports linked to different countries’.