Variety, the Children’s Charity, was lucky enough to receive over 35 years of support from the wonderful Angela Ebrahami, who joined Young Variety in 1980, devoting much of her time volunteering on the committees of Sunshine Coaches and VAW.

Trustees, staff members and volunteers were extremely saddened to hear of her passing, on Monday, 1st June.

Angela received a Variety International Presidential Citation Award acknowledging her support and dedication to the Charity. Having had no children of her own, she has instead devoted herself to showing kindness towards the children helped by Variety in a maternal and caring manner.

Angela’s first significant involvement with Variety was when she became the Chair of Young Variety “Out and About”, with great tenacity she organised week-long holidays in Bournemouth for hundreds of deserving young children who were in need of a joyful vacation. Angela worked tirelessly into the wee hours of the night to wrap Christmas presents and many children referred to her as “Mummy Christmas”.

Angela became a Barker and for twenty years was a very active member of Variety at Work during which time she helped organise the children’s Eisteddfod and wholeheartedly supported the Gold Heart and Rosie Rags campaigns.

Angela was a remarkable lady who has reached out and touched so many hearts. She will be sorely missed at Variety, and our thoughts are with her family.

Photo: Angela Ebrahimi presenting a Sunshine Coach