The pupils were excited to receive their new coach and meet some of the team from Stonegate and members of Variety Northern Committee. This coach has been funded through the success of Britain’s Biggest Pub Tour (BBPT) which raised £300k for Variety, the Children’s Charity.

Catcote Academy – only recently granted academy status – educates 124 students aged 11-19. The school and its teaching programme has been specially designed to meet the needs of children with a range of learning difficulties and special needs, including Autism, behavioural difficulties and severe, moderate and multiple learning difficulties.

The coach will be used for a range of services, all day, every day. Starting in the morning, to shuttle students, unable to use public transport, too and from school, before being used throughout the day for taking the students to swimming, hydrotherapy, museums and parks. It also has tail-lift to enable easy wheelchair access. The coach is integral part of the day to day functioning of the academy and it replaces the old coach, also donated by Variety.