G’day, folks!

Mark your calendars for the Run Sydney Virtual event happening on January 31, 2024. We’ve got a ripper of a challenge lined up for you – it’s the 10 Day Challenge, mate! To conquer this one, you’ll need to cover 2.62 miles (that’s Aussie for kilometers, cobber) each day for a solid 10 days.

Here’s the scoop: if you meticulously log your run times for each of those 10 days using our trusty online runner’s console, we’ll crunch the numbers and determine your full marathon time. Wrap your head around this – 10 days, 2.62 miles daily, and it all adds up to a fair dinkum 26.2-mile marathon. Once you’ve crossed the finish line, not only will we calculate your marathon time, but we’ll also put your name up on the Run Sydney leaderboard. And that’s not all – you’ll score yourself a beaut Run Sydney bronze medal.

So, lace up those runners, hit the pavement, and show the world what you’ve got, mate! And if you manage to pull it off, I reckon you’ll have earned yourself a well-deserved parmi at the local pub!  Cheers!

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