The group of 27 young carers and nurture group children from Boscombe, Bournemouth, spent an exciting day experiencing all the thrills of the rides. As they climbed into their Laguna coach at the end of the day they were wreathed in smiles and chatting enthusiastically about all the fun they had.

The children enjoyed the thrilling rides at Paultons Park

This Great Days Out event was organised by Variety Wessex. Variety, the Children’s Charity Great Days Out aim to give children who may not have the opportunity to experience such things, and make positive memories, and this day certainly did that! The Velociraptor, the Farmyard Flyer, Dino Chase and Cat-O-Pillar were just some of the exciting thrills that were enjoyed, especially when the plunges were steep, the water sploshed or the children suddenly found themselves hanging upside down – Wow!!

There were smiles on the children’s faces all day

Liz Rawson Jones, Pastoral Lead at Bethany CE Junior School said:

An enormous THANK YOU, Frances for the wonderful trip the children had to Paultons Park. Oh my, what fun they had. With an endless stream of rollercoasters with twists, turns and splashing water, it certainly was not a day for the faint hearted! The day whizzed by so fast and we could have stayed for many more hours. Please pass on our thanks to Gill and Andy from Laguna for our safe and reliable transport and Hattie for the amazing photos. The children will be so excited to see themselves on the wall here at school.

Frances Cornelius, chair of Variety Wessex said:

Thank you Paultons Park and everyone who made this hugely enjoyed day possible, particularly Gill and Andy from Laguna for supporting this successful day.