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Variety South West is a dedicated committee meeting once a month in Bristol - please contact Derek Cleverdon for details of the next meeting (see below).

The Bristol and the South West Regional Committee comprises of a group of incredible volunteers who are dedicated to helping our local sick, disabled and disadvantaged children.

We typically meet during the evening of the first Tuesday of each month, to discuss and arrange fundraising events. All proceeds from these events are used to provide children with specialised wheelchairs, including sports wheelchairs, specially designed equipment, wet rooms etc.

We are best known for the iconic Variety Sunshine Coaches supplied to help transport children with additional needs from schools for swimming lessons and school trips.

News from one of our Beneficiaries

"Stanley is enjoying his new found freedom in his Tiny Trax wheelchair, funded by Variety. He is able to go fast and keep up with his friends and siblings, he can play tag and actually catch people. He is now an independent 6 year old, getting up to mischief like all 6 year olds should.

"The biggest change for us all and nicest of all, is that Stanley is now able to hold hands. It’s his new favourite thing to do, ours too!"


Variety South West appoints Andy Ford as an ambassador

Variety, the children’s charity, Bristol & the South West region appoints Andy Ford as an ambassador.

The photograph shows Derek Cleverdon, regional chairman of Variety, the children’s charity Bristol & the South West Region presenting a certificate appointing the West Country’s favourite comedian Andy Ford as a Regional Ambassador.
Andy is surrounded by the cast of “Drink up thy cider”, the Adge Cutler story, which opens in the Redgrave Theatre, Clifton on Wednesday 25th August until Sunday 29th August. Details are available on the Redgrave Theatre’s website.

Variety South West appoints Andy Ford as an ambassador
Photograph courtesy of Jiri Kolar

Memories of a wonderful lady Anne Keen-Arnold

Derek Cleverdon, Anne Keen-Arnold, John Gay at the Valentine Lunch 2020
Derek Cleverdon, Anne Keen-Arnold, John Gay at the Valentine Lunch 2020

Memories of a wonderful lady Anne Keen-Arnold.
Variety, the children’s charity will always be grateful for the help you gave to the sick, disabled & disadvantaged children in the South West.

Variety South West needs you

If you believe you can help to make a difference and  give a couple of hours a month by joining our committee then  please contact our chairman, Derek Cleverdon, on 07711 561191 or email

Help Derek raise funds for Variety South West

Variety in the South West is currently being inundated with requests for sensory equipment, specialist equipment such as electric/sports wheelchairs, and other equipment that will help our local disabled, disadvantaged and children not enjoying good health. These requests are especially urgent during the lockdown period and we are desperately in need of financial support in order to support these vulnerable families.

If you are able to help Variety South West at this time, please do. Every penny counts and will be used to help our local children.

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To find out more on how you can be involved, please email

Variety South West
c/o 93 Bayham Street
Tel: 07711 561191