The Committees

The Variety family is made up of a number of volunteer committees who drive both fundraising and service delivery, as well as the day to day running of the charity.


The Trustees

There is a board of trustees responsible for the direction and governance of the charity. Trustees are recruited from the membership of Variety, the Children’s Charity. Members are known as Barkers.

The Advisory Board

This comprises Past Chief Barkers and other past members of Crew who have given an outstanding contribution to Variety. The Advisory Board's members attend some of the Crew meetings and meet separately throughout the year. The Advisory Board’s main role is to ensure that there is succession planning for future Crew and Chief Barkers.

Nominations Committee

This comprises of the current and last two chief barkers.


The Chairs of all our regional committees regularly come together for meetings which is led by Duncan Syers. Variety currently has the following regional Committees:

  • Midlands
  • Northern
  • North West
  • South West
  • Scotland   
  • Wessex
  • Yorkshire

For more information about our regions, or to contact an office please click here

If you would like to contact, or get involved with volunteering for any of these committees, please email and your enquiry will be passed to the relevant Chair.

The Programmes Committee

This committee constitutes four dedicated programmes:

  • Sunshine Coaches Committee – deals with all applications from schools, youth clubs and hospices and other organisations for our Sunshine Coaches.
  • Wheelchairs Committee – deals with applications for manual, powered and sports wheelchairs.
  • Grants Committee - deals with all general requests for funding, including our larger projects such as Swings and Roundabouts, and the Variety Children’s Hospital at King’s.
  • Youth Clubs Committee - deals with all appeals for funding from Youth Clubs and other youth organisations.


This committee oversees all events activity, and individual event sub-committees feed into it. Long established event sub-committees include those of “the PROPS”, “the Professionals”, Gastro, Catherine Awards and the Christmas Lunch.


This committee makes recommendations to the Crew on the strategic direction of the Charity.


The Celebrities Committee, oversees all aspects of Variety’s celebrity involvement with the Charity, including the recruitment of Celebrity Ambassadors.