The Chief Barker

Our current Chief Barker is Dilly Kitchlew-Williamson.

Dilly is a successful entrepreneur and property investor who was introduced to Variety in 2012 by her great friend, and past Chief Barker, the late Trevor Green. She has been a truly hands-on advocate of the charity ever since, sitting on various committees and giving her invaluable time and support to ensure the success of many great initiatives and events over the years. Dilly became a Trustee in 2015 and was appointed as our Senior Vice President of Trustees in her fifth year on the Board, before taking up the reins as Chief Barker in 2020.

Dilly Kitchlew-Williamson

The Chief Barker is the Chair of the Board of Trustees, and the incumbent leads the charity in all matters relating to governance and strategy. The title derives from fairground entertainment; historically, a “Barker” drummed up customers at the fairground. 

If you would like to contact the Chief Barker, please email or call on 020 7428 8129.