Savannah's Story

Four year old Savannah always seems to have a smile on her face despite severe cerebral palsy which means she needs constant care and help with feeding and changing. She loves books, music and people and probably gets her positive outlook from her mother who has a very positive outlook on life.


Savannah has very limited head control so needs help from mum to feed herself. Her dystonia means her legs and arms are very tight and stiff. So to help her, Variety funded a Mollii Suit. This high tech body suit helps muscles to relax via carefully controlled electro stimulation of the muscles, enabling easier movement.

Savannah’s mum says:

“When the Mollii suit relaxes her muscles it is easier for me to help her with stretching exercises. If she puts the Mollii suit on before bedtime her hands are wide open and relaxed when she sleeps rather than her wrists being bent over as they were before. Thank you Variety, you really made a difference.”