Bobby's Story

Four year old Bobby has Chromosome Deletion which results in severe physical and other disabilities to the extent that he has to be fed continuously via a tube. His reflux is also quite severe requiring his parents to treat this every two hours.


Lack of muscle tone means he is unable to sit up on his own so he spends much of his time lying on his back.

Bobby loves singing, listening to music and, most of all, flashing lights. He engages best with his siblings and family members when he is at their eye level but this is hard when he cannot sit up.

That’s why Variety agreed to fund a special Corner Seat.

As Bobby’s parents say:

“Variety has helped Bobby massively with his development by providing the Corner Seat. It appears very simple but it encourages and supports him sufficiently to be able to sit up. Not only does this help with building up his core strength, but it also helps reduce his reflux. The Corner seat also enables him to engage better with his sisters and he certainly lets us know when he is not yet ready to come out of it. Thank you Variety, for supporting little Bobby”.