Alfie discovers a new freedom with a powered wheelchair from Variety

Alfie, who is nine years old, lives with his family in Derbyshire. He has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which means he is unable to walk and relies on a wheelchair to get around. Alfie had significantly outgrown his old powered wheelchair. After years of daily use, it was almost completely broken down. Variety stepped in and provided Alfie with a much bigger and more comfortable powered wheelchair, one that gives him proper postural support, greater convenience and a degree of independence that simply wasn’t possible before. Here, mum Emily describes the difference the new chair has made to Alfie and the whole family.

Alfie with his new powered wheelchair from Variety

“Overall, the wheelchair has given Alfie a lot more freedom", says Emily. "For instance, he can now finally use the family’s garden on his own, as he can move around it with ease. This has been very helpful during the coronavirus lockdown period.”

One of the biggest advantages of the new wheelchair is that it allows Alfie to go out and about with his family and join in with their activities. It’s especially helpful that the wheelchair is adjusted for all types of terrains, which means that Alfie can participate in family walks more actively and for longer periods.

Emily feels that Variety’s support has made a life-changing difference to Alfie, one that will have a positive effect on the whole family for years to come.

Alfie with his new powered wheelchair from Variety