What financial relief is available to families with disabled children?

3rd October 2020
Dave King, Mark Arnold and Carlos Haggi Variety Pod-Ability

Families with disabled children have been among those most impacted by the current pandemic. Worrying about jobs and money is stressful for all families, but it’s even tougher if you have a disabled child to care for at home, particularly if you’ve lost the support of outside services. Many families struggle to know what financial help they have a right to ask for, or where they can go for good financial advice, particularly as there have already been a number of changes to the benefits system in response to the current outbreak.

In this episode of Variety Pod-Ability we're asking: What financial relief are families with disabled children in the UK entitled to? And how should they go about accessing it? Does a child need a formal diagnosis for a family to claim? How has the benefits system changed during the pandemic with regard to disabled children?

To discuss these questions and more, our host Dave King is joined remotely over Skype by Carlos Hagi, who is a member of the Expert Advice Team at Citizens Advice Head Office, specialising in welfare benefits. Carlos brings over 35 years’ experience as a welfare benefits adviser. Also joining Dave, is Mark Arnold, whose son James has a range of additional needs. Mark is author of The Additional Needs Blogfather.

Other resources

Our closed Facebook group offers a safe, private, supportive and understanding space to share issues raised by this episode with like-minded parents and families of children with special educational needs and disabilites.

During this episode, we mentioned the 'Left in Lockdown' report by the Disabled Children’s Partnership. To read the report, visit https://disabledchildrenspartnership.org.uk and you can follow the links from there.

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